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Carlos Da G

Carlos Da GCEO & Brand Owner

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Michael D.Entrepreneur & Founder of Multiple Brands

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Esteban R.CEO & Co-Founder, MaxWax

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At Only Value Brands…

We partner with brands to grow their online market share while allowing them to focus on their main distribution channels. Our goal is not to simply buy the brand’s products and sell those online, but to add value by connecting them to value customers through a well-planned e-commerce strategy which includes listing optimization, market research, listing and price policing, and reputation management.

Our customers usually reach out to us because:

  • They are frustrated with unknown Amazon sellers who do not follow MAP pricing
  • They do not receive any value proposition or support from their online sellers
  • They are overwhelmed with how much energy and time Amazon policies, rules and nuances consume
  • They want to work with one e-commerce retailer that is knowledgeable about the big three (Amazon, Walmart, and eBay)
  • They want to expand their footprint to e-commerce marketplaces but do not have the in-house expertise
  • They know that there is room for improvement on Amazon but do not want to lose focus on their main distribution channel

We are a group of entrepreneurs that understand the challenges of building, expanding, and maintaining a brand in a competitive market. We believe in connecting value brands that offer a higher value product with valuable and appreciative customers.


“We find great joy in connecting clients who are looking for quality products with brands that offer great value. It is our goal to create valuable connections in the marketplace”

Fernando E. Salazar

Fernando E. SalazarCEO & Founder - Only Value Brands